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E-Chopper M1P Aero

Experience the perfect mix of retro style and modern technology with our E-Chopper Aero. With its iconic design and powerful electric motor, this chopper is not only an eye-catcher on the road, but also environmentally friendly and efficient.

Size and Geometry

Recommended driver height: 5’1 “- 6’6” or 1.55m – 2.00m

Ⓐ – total length: 210 cm
Ⓑ – handlebar height: 130 cm
Ⓒ – seat height: 65 cm
Ⓓ – Ground clearance: 16.5 cm
Ⓔ – wheelbase: 155 cm
Ⓕ – width of the scooter: 91cm
Ⓖ – inclination: 40 °

Powerful and sustainable

Our E-Chopper Aero is powered by a powerful electric motor that offers an output of at least 2000W to a maximum of 3000W. With its powerful drive, you can effortlessly accelerate to the desired speed.

Durable battery and impressive range

Equipped with a 30AH lithium battery, our E-Chopper Aero offers an impressive range of 40-60 km. Choose the 30AH lithium version to increase your range to 50-75 km and enjoy even longer trips.

Innovative features

Our E-Chopper Aero is equipped with the latest features, including a digital display, LED lighting, alarm system and an intelligent control unit. The innovative design and state-of-the-art technology make every trip a unique experience.

Cash benefits and maintenance costs

Compared to conventional scooters, our E-Chopper Aero offers considerable cash advantages. The electric drive eliminates costly expenses for petrol and regular maintenance work such as oil changes.

24 month guarantee

Safe & relaxed on the go. We grant you a guarantee of up to 24 months in our online shop.

Road approval

All E-Streetbikes scooters come with a VIN and approval papers.

Customer support

Questions about a product or an order? Our customer support is available around the clock.